Based in Nonza in Cap Corse, Corsica Luce’s mission is to support and promote contemporary artistic creation in connection with the island territory.

Annual programming.

Through its annual programming, Corsica Luce builds bridges between the arts, creators and audiences and puts its desire to contribute to the development of the local artistic scene at the disposal of the territory.
Its ambitions translate into three main axes, which are support for artistic production, the dissemination of contemporary creative work and meeting with audiences.
The annual programming is structured around three in-situ exhibitions, a cycle of outdoor cinematographic screenings entitled “Luce in paese” and the “Luce in Nonza” artistic residency programme in order to act in an efficient and diversified way on the island’s cultural scene.


1 artistic residency

3 Exhibitions in situ

3 Outdoor cinematographic screenings


Since 2018

Since 2018, Corsica Luce has been part of the cultural landscape through the organisation of exhibitions during the summer season as well as through the publication of photographic works.
Several exhibitions were organised within its walls in Nonza, such as “Fighjula” in 2018, which brought together the works of four photographers (Lisa Lucciardi, Didier Ben Loulou, Anton Renborg and Bernard Plossu), “Fantaisie Militaire” in 2019, which presented the drawings of the artist Agnès Accorsi, and in 2022, visitors had the opportunity to discover the intimate photos of Caroline Luigi. An outdoor exhibition was organised at the convent of Canari in 2021 following the publication of the photographic work of Toussaint Grégorj, master mariner, in the same year.
Corsica Luce also worked in the field of performing arts by organising several theatrical performances on its premises; “Maria Gentile” by Marie Ferranti in 2017, “Davia, a Corsican sultan” by Alexandre Oppecini in 2018, “Spoon River” by the company Tutt’in scena in 2019 and “Laetizia” by Orlando Forioso in 2020.

Accompanying contemporary creation

Curator : Julie Canarelli

In addition to in situ exhibitions dedicated to photography and mobile film screenings, Corsica Luce’s mission is to promote the artistic scene on the island. It is an artistic residence open to all disciplines in an effort to support contemporary creation. An essential source of support, the artistic residence plays a central role in artistic and cultural life. It makes it possible to welcome an artist and accompany them in the production of an artistic project. Upstream of the dissemination and promotion components, the artistic residency is part of an approach to support creation.

“Luce in Nonza” Residency programme